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Press Releases | 8/2/17

NES Power Board Names New Appointments

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville Electric Service (NES) announces the appointments of Robert McCabe as chairman and Samuel Howard as vice chairman of the Electric Power Board.

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NES Power News | 7/25/17

Top 10 Summer Tips of 2017

These simple steps will have you singing a new tune as you increase the comfort level of your home and keep your bills down all summer long.

Check out the Efficiency Top 10 for this year’s most popular energy-saving advice.

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NES Power News | 7/19/17

Stay Safe During Extreme Heat

When it feels like an oven outside, you know it’s too hot. The extreme heat that has descended on Middle Tennessee this week is also very dangerous.

Everyone’s at risk when temperatures rise above 90 degrees, but the elderly are most susceptible to heat-related illness and death.

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NES Power News | 7/11/17

Make A Splash With Summer Savings

Fire up the grill while the heat is on and save on your electric bills this summer. Besides, who doesn’t love barbecuing outdoors?

Cooking can create a major source of heat within your home. If you are planning to use the stovetop or oven instead of the microwave or grill, turn the oven hood ventilation fan on to help remove the heat. It’s just one strategy you can use to save energy during the hottest days of the year.

With a few small adjustments around the house, keep your cool and Make a Splash with Summer Savings.

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