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NES Power News | 4/4/18

Don’t Make a Judgement Call. Make a Phone Call to 811.

Did you know that starting a digging project without calling 811 first increases your chances of knocking out power or other utility services for your entire neighborhood? No one wants to be that person who cuts the cable during a big game or a favorite TV show.

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NES Power News | 3/23/18

Plant Smart to Avoid Tree Trimming

Spring is a great time to plant new trees. NES reminds customers to be smart about where you plant, especially near power lines. It may be hard to visualize the height and spread of a tree at its maturity. That’s why NES has created a Right Tree Right Place guide to help you select the right trees for your planting location to prevent tree trimming in the future.

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NES Power News | 3/20/18

Top Tips for Spring Storm Season

Today marks the first day of spring. Along with warmer temperatures and blooming flowers, spring brings unpredictable storms. Here are top tips from Nashville Electric Service (NES) to help you prepare for spring storm season:

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NES Power News | 3/17/18

Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day with Music City Solar

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you can wear green, or you can really get in the spirit and go green by becoming a part of Music City Solar.

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