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NES Power News | 1/17/17

Get The Facts With These Energy Myth Busters

Want to know the truth about saving energy? Whether you’re closing air vents in unused rooms or cranking up the thermostat when you get home from work, we’ll help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to lowering your energy usage. These are our most-asked energy saving questions along with helpful tips to conserve power.

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NES Power News | 1/6/17


Make sure to follow these simple steps to stay safe and warm this winter. Despite the weather conditions outside, Nashville Electric Service’s (NES) priority is always to provide you and your family with energy you can count on.

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NES Power News | 1/4/17


The only way to describe the weather so far this winter is UNPREDICTABLE. Mild weather has traded places with very cold temperatures on several occasions. However, overall, December 2016 was 82 percent colder compared to November which was warmer than normal.

As a result, many customers have seen their energy usage noticeably increase with their latest bill. Along with the unstable temperatures, there are several factors to consider.

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NES Power News | 12/29/16

How NES Provides Power to Your Home

Providing power isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. It’s a complicated process that involves many steps. In fact, it take hundreds of specially-trained employees to deliver electricity from TVA to NES to your home.

Check out the How NES Provides Power Infographic for a simple explanation.

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