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NES Power News | 1/6/15

NES Illustrates Winter Energy-Saving Tips with Fun Infographic

We tend to think a good infographic is worth a thousand words. How much is saving money on your electric bill worth? Check out NES’ Winter Energy-Saving Tips infographic which illustrates eight ways to stay warm while lowering your energy usage this winter. Because it’s too cold outside to ignore air leaks and heat loss.

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NES Power News | 1/5/15

NES Offers Space Heater Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

As temperatures drop and frigid weather sets in this week, thousands of customers will be plugging in space heaters to keep warm.

According to the Nashville Fire Department, space heaters account for more than 50,000 house fires and 400 deaths nationwide each year. And, this time of year is peak house fire season.

Electric space heaters do a great job of providing supplemental heat during cold winter months, but they can pose a danger when not used properly. NES President & CEO Decosta Jenkins offers these helpful tips for how to safely use a space heater in your home.

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NES In The News2014 | 12/29/14

NES Gives Glimpse Into World of Fiber Optics

Ever wonder how the Internet is accessible from just about anywhere in Nashville? NES plays a crucial role in making that a reality. Fiber is installed on thousands of NES poles, along with cable and phone lines. Todd Oney, with NES’ Design Engineering department, recently sat down with Nashville Public Radio to explain the power of what’s running above our heads and powering our homes and businesses.

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75th AnniversaryNES Power News2014 | 12/23/14


The NES Benevolence Program supports NES retirees who find themselves struggling to make ends meet and are facing financial hardship.

Employees contribute funds, food and their time to assemble and deliver Christmas food baskets each year to those retirees in need. This holiday season, we successfully provided over 75 baskets thanks to the generosity of more than 50 NES employees.

Volunteers with the NES Benevolence Program have also made small house repairs and completed yard work and other various projects based on the needs of our retirees.

NES is proud to count this toward our growing list of 75 acts of service in the community in celebration of our 75th anniversary.